Committee Chairs

  • Grievance: Sam Mills, Deb Kwasny
  • Appraisal Action (Joint): Karyn Webb, Susie Niesman, Sara Tupper, Suzanne Kreps
  • Elections: Lisa Betzer
  • Budget: DEA Board of Directors, Ray Reints
  • Social:
  • Contract Management/Grievance: Sam Mills, Deb Kwasny
  • Minority Concerns: Melessa Tyus
  • Discipline Action (Joint): Martha Henderson
  • Insurance/Sick Bank (Joint): Summer Boyd, Sue Cleary, Ray Rients, Suzanne Kreps
  • DPACE (Political Action):
  • Schedule B (Joint): Susie Niesman, Suzanne Kreps
  • Meetings (Joint):
  • Class Size (Joint): Karyn Webb, Susan Cleary
  • Scholarship: Board of Directors
  • Membership: Kelli Murray
  • Special Education: Penny Flynn, Susie Niesman
  • Collective Bargaining: Susie Niesman, Martha Henderson, Sam Mills, Sara Tupper

A printable list of Committee Chairs can be found here.