The Appraisal Action Committee has been hard at work the past few months formulating a new evaluation process for DPS61 certified staff. This joint committee is made up of equal numbers of Decatur Education Association (DEA) members and administrators. The evaluation process will meet new Illinois legal requirements that must be implemented by the 2012–2013 school year. Following is an update on our progress and what changes you can expect as an employee.

There will be three parts to the evaluation process when implemented, which will be combined to create a staffer’s evaluation rating.

  • Observation
  • Self-Assessment and Artifact Review
  • Student growth (to be implemented in the 2013–14 school year beginning at Eisenhower High School and the 2014–15 school year for the remainder of the district)

The committee has collaborated to create a rolling implementation schedule in order to introduce the new teacher evaluation process. This means that in the next three years we have set dates for implementation of training and evaluating teachers to fully meet Illinois law. We are using Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching. After much discussion, the committee agreed to retain the complete Charlotte Danielson observation rubric with no modifications. This rubric contains Domain Definitions and a four-level rating system, which is different than the three-level rating system we have used in the past. In order to view the Charlotte Danielson rubric, please follow this link. Following are descriptions of how the components of the evaluation process meet the requirements of Danielson’s framework:

  • The observation process is still a major part of the evaluation. Observations will be used to gather data in the areas of domains 2 and 3 as found on pages 3-5 on the Self Assessment of Practice- Classroom Teacher. The observation schedule will still be differentiated based on a staffer's experience and summative rating.
  • The evaluation process will now include a Self-Assessment and Artifact Review (SAR) for staff that will be supported by staff-supplied evidence and artifacts. This is a tool that promotes guided discussion between administrators and staff, opportunities for professional development, and an element of self-advocacy for staff. The SAR provides evidence to support domains 1 and 4 as found on pages 1-2 and 6-7 on the Self-Assessment of Practice document.
  • The third component will be a student growth piece. This will occur in the final steps of implementation and has yet to be fleshed out. We will continue to discuss and research the best methods to show student growth for our district through assessment, beginning at Eisenhower High School, in order to meet Illinois requirements by the 2013–2014 school year.

These components will create a summative rating for all DPS61 staff. Staff will fall into one of the following categories: Unsatisfactory, Needs Improvement, Proficient, or Excellent, in accordance with Illinois law.

In order to have our certified staff appraisal plan in place by the new school year, it must be ratified by DEA members and then approved by the Board of Education. Please check your e-mail (both your school e-mail and the DEA-provided e-mail) for further updates. DEA members should expect a ratification vote at the end of the work day on August 16, 2012 (time and place to be determined). Mandatory group meetings for those on cycle to review the appraisal plan will be held the evenings of August 27 and August 30. If you are not on cycle, you may attend either of the review sessions.

The new Teacher Appraisal Information Webpage will continue to update with the most recent information regarding the teacher appraisal process.

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